Top Ten Unscented Lotions

There is no shortage of lotion out there which do different things to your skin, but there are two definitive categories when it comes to types of lotion: scented and unscented. The latter is what the lotion purists usually prefer, because it does exactly what it is meant to do and nothing more. Lotion manufacturers know this, which is why they have gone to great lengths to produce unscented body lotion, unscented hand lotion, unscented baby lotion, unscented shampoo and even unscented lotion for tattoos. Basically any lotion you need you can probably find unscented before you can find it scented. Below are the top ten unscented lotions on the market.

Everyone Body Lotion

This 3 in 1 lotion is as it’s name suggests meant for everyone: men and women. It is great for the hands, the face and the body as it does all the necessary things to the skin that a lotion should do with no frills. It’s also naturally produced and cruelty free.

Alba Botanical Emollient Body Lotion

This unscented emollient body lotion uses antioxidant extracts to replenish the hydration of the skin on contact and will absorb quickly enough to be used on the skin throughout the day. It is 100 percent vegetarian and has no animal testing before it is made. The lotion is light, so that it doesn’t way on sensitive skin and feel greasy or oily after it is applied.

The Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion

A small company whose moisturizing lotion is unscented and simply designed is definitely one of the best to buy, due to it’s no frills message of only having natural ingredients and no animal testing. The Naked Bee is too the point about their product which is great to see in a market oversaturated with a lot of half truths.

Vaseline Intensive Repair Body Lotion

Vaseline has long been the classic, most respected brand for keeping lips from getting chapped and has never added scents to their lip balm. So it makes sense that their unscented body moisturizer would be just as effective and good for both men and women. This moisturizer is healthy and excellent for all skin types.

Mee Beauty Body Lotion and Moisturizer

Mee is a smaller moisture manufacturer but they are widely considered to be one of the best on the market. It is loved by men and women alike and produced with entirely organic ingredients like hemp oil, pure honey, coconut oil and vitamin E. They also donate their revenues to environmental charities with each bottle you purchase from their company so everyone wins.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

There is good reason why Lubriderm has been one of the most successful moisturizing and lotion brands—because it works. It leaves skin softer and smoother and is enriched with B5 among other essential skin moisturizers. It is a non-greasy, fast absorbing formula and works on all types of skin effectively.

Curel Lotion

A well known and respected unscented lotion brand, Curel has time release moisturizers which hydrate skin over the course of 24 hours after it is first applied. It is a well recognized brand which has been on the market for years and is widely considered to be one of the better unscented moisturizers out there.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

One of the most popular unscented general skin lotions, CeraVe is known for keeping skin looking young but also keeping it unclogged, so that no blemishes or rashes ever develop from using it. It is also very hydrating and only needs to be applied once per day to give skin exactly what it needs to stay soft and healthy.

Avalon Organics Hand and Body Lotion

There is Aloe in this Avalon Organics Hand and Body Lotion, but it is unscented, giving all the benefits of Aloe with none of the negatives. There is also beta-Glucan, shea butter and Vitamin E among other natural minerals which relieves hydration to incredibly dry skin. The other great thing about the Avalon brand in general is that it is fully organic and not tested on animals, which makes it a conscious brand worth buying.

Lubriderm Men’s 3 in 1 Lotion

Finding lotion that men love to use on a regular basis is a relatively tall order most of the time, but the Lubriderm Men’s 3 in 1 lotion has been widely praised by a whole customer base who rarely uses lotion on a regular basis. It is excellent for body lotion, for face lotion and especially for post shave lotion, helping to alleviate any razor burn or dryness that may have occurred.